Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yes We Can

Next to "I love you", are there three better words?

Hillary's folks responded with "Yes, we will" - a smart retort, with a point they wanted desperately to make. They were about "doing", not "hoping".

For the privileged few in this country, such an attitude is probably fitting, necessary even. For some of us, "can" has to come before "will".

For those of us who dream smaller dreams, whose ambitions are much more modest, and whose worries hover ominously over humble aspirations, "can" means so much more than "will".

Believing that we can is essential to escaping the terrible. dark and ugly fear and belligerence of the Bushies and their followers. Why would any human being whose emotional capacity and faith in our capability had not been neutered by the fear-mongering and the lies and our Dr Strangelove warrior culture have voted in 2004 for George W Fucking Bush?

Why? Why, if not because we had lost all faith in ourselves, and in our capacity as the leading nation of the world to do what leaders do - to lead the world into the light instead of darkness?

Why did we let Osama bin Laden push us into this demented state?

Why did we allow Dick Cheney and George Bush to invade Iraq? Why do we allow them to hold and torture people at Gitmo? When did we lose our commitment to the rights of man? By what black magic were we deluded into all of this evil?

We are a big country. Some of us are not well-educated. But what has happened in the past 7 years is a terrible disgrace. We can be better than this. I know we can.

Yes. We can.

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