Saturday, August 06, 2005

It happened this day....

60 years ago today, America dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The term "Ground Zero" referred primarily if not exclusively in our minds for the next 56 years to this place of great sorrow. Today, we remember. And we hope with all our might that such terrible grief and devastation will never again be visited upon any people, in any place, again.

40 years ago today, America responded at last to the rightful demands for full political participation of persons denied the right to vote because of race. The Voting Rights Act enforced Constitutional rights under the 15th amendment that had been denied in some states (with the passive acquiesence of the federal government). Many suffered, were intimidated and attacked, and some were killed in the effort to prevent this fulfillment of the promise of democracy. Today, we remember. And we hope that the vision of brotherhood and of a great and democratic society will be realized in our lifetime.

18 years ago today, my youngest child was born. He shares this day with the terrible and great events of history. But he is of today and tomorrow; the hope I feel for our future is a hope for him and a hope that will only be realized through him and his generation.

Today, I remember. I remember so many moments, but mostly I remember how good my life was when I woke up every morning in the company of my children. Of course, today I remember with special warmth and joy the many ways that my youngest child filled my life with happiness.

He's not a baby anymore. He has grown to become a fine young man. In the last few days, after 7 years as a Boy Scout, he completed his Eagle Scout service project and submitted his application for promotion to Eagle Scout. He is admired by his Scout leaders and other parents, and loved by his friends.

He is an idealist, and a pacifist. His world view and personal values are clear and strongly held. He is inclined to be more liberal and more principled than I am. He is decent and kind and funny, and I have never seen him angry.

He amazes me, and I am so very proud of him.

The world is in good hands.

Happy Birthday, Dan!