Monday, August 17, 2009


First, it turned out that a Democratic Congress could not, or would not, bring an end to the Vietnam, I mean the Iraq War.

Then it turned out that John Edwards was a liar - not just a man who was having an affair but a man whose ego would allow him to jeopardize the hopes of all the people who supported his candidacy for an affair, and who lacked the integrity to quit the race when it became apparent that his affair was the biggest threat to the otherwise inevitable Democratic victory.

Now Barack Superstar Obama is backing away from the public option. That's right. Not only don't we get single payer, we don't even get a public option.

Why? Because it would be so freakin' radical? A touch of communism? No, unless you consider the Veterans Administration to be a Commie institution. No, unless your Aunt Sadie's Medicare seems like a pinko conspiracy. What is it exactly that worries people about a public option?

And how could Barack Obama, the coolest, smartest, most popular man in the world so totally fuck this up?

How does a moron like Chuck Grassley get his way, and how can Obama sell us all out so easily?

Why are Democrats so useless?