Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel's Sideshow in Lebanon

Today all the talk is about Lebanon. Should Israel cease fire. Is Iran behind Hezbollah. What about Syria. What can America do - when we are already over our heads in Iraq.

Reminds me of our war dead in Iraq. When we had lost 500, then 700, then 1,000. We already knew the war was a mistake, but we stayed the course. Nobody cared. It wasn't enough to matter. Now it's over 2,500.

Ho hum.

Lebanon. Who gives a shit?

Israel should not cease fire. Not till Hezbollah is eradicated. That will take years. So -- don't get too excited. They will either back off as they did when last they withdrew from Lebanon, or they will do the right thing. In which case, they will be in Lebanon a long long time. So, like I say, Ho hum.

Iran is behind Hezbollah. Look at the weaponry of Hezbollah. Oil money bought the long range missiles, anti-tank weapons, sea-skimming missiles. Syria cannot pay for the weapons Hezbollah has deployed these past three weeks. Ho hum.

Syria is involved too. The leader of Hamas gives interviews from his Damascus hotel. Do you think he speaks without permission from Assad? Ho hum.

We have no way left to win in Iraq, and no will to win. We are down by two touchdowns, and our quarterback has been taking a knee on every play for the past 58 minutes. So let the Israelis defend themselves. Maybe they will commit sufficient troops. Maybe they have the will to win. At least they are attacking the people who have first attacked them, unlike our war against Iraq. And Olmert, who may not be a genius, is at least not the idiot boy from Midland. Iraq is already lost - nothing Israel does now or refrains from doing will change thet. Ho Hum.

I heard all the buzz today about 50 dead civilians in Lebanon. Meanwhile 100 died in Iraq. I really don't care. There'll be a couple hundred more tomorrow.

And so it goes.

God is good. Jesus saves. Allah be praised.

Ho Hum.

As far as I am concerned, as long as Iran is threatening to build nukes, the last thing we want is a cease-fire. Even that stupid fucking war in Iraq has to continue for now. Bush has really set the table here -- and we cannot afford to walk away.

To give up now means Iran and Hezbollah get the bomb.

Israel will not let that happen. Even George W. (for "whatever") Bush will not let that happen.

So Lebanon is a sideshow, children. The real excitement is yet to come. If Israel fails in Lebanon as we have failed in Iraq, the excitement just might come in the form of a mushroom cloud - to paraphrase the idiot boy.

Till then, don't bother me with news about a few dozen dead civilians. It isn't enough.

Ho Hum.