Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's New

On Saturday, my sweetie and I played tourist and rode the Grayline double-decker bus tour of downtown New York City.

For $40 (each - plus tip) you get a narrated tour that runs from Times Square through the old Garment District; past Macy's and the Empire State Building; by the Flatiron Building, New York Life Building and Met Life Building; across 14th Street and into Greenwich Village; through SoHo and the cast iron buildings, Chinatown; past City Hall, the Woolworth Building and St Paul's; Wall Street, Trinity Church, and the Battery; South Street Seaport, (former) Fulton Fish Market and Brooklyn Bridge; through the East Village and Lower Eastside; up to the UN Building, the Waldorf Astoria and over to Central Park; past Carnegie Hall and back to Times Square -- a little over 2 hours in the sun (and the breeze - wear a jacket!).

I love New York. As an amateur historian, something deep inside just resonates with the hum of all that has come before, all that is happening right now, and the fantastic future that shines in my mind's eye like sunlight bouncing off the East River as I gaze out of my office window.

The picture above is from our trip atop that double-decker bus --most of my pictures were crap, but this one struck my fancy tonight: Times Square - a few blocks off. Really tacky but I like the hum.

Boston just closed out game 2; time for bed.

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gljunket said...

Glad to see you're back, Neil! Especially the part about "re-thinking my politics." I look forward to some "fresh" wisdom! Coincidentally, I recently posted my first entry in a year and a half, since the runup to '06. My disgust with the current "campaign" drove me back to it, though I'm not sure I have the stomach for much of you, just serves the purpose of letting off a little steam. I now have two attempts; the old Oddman Out? and a new one I created after a reunion of my old USAF Squadron, for anyone with interest in a unique old bird...CargomasterRaster ( I'd welcome your visits and Comments. All the best to you and yours.....