Sunday, June 25, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore has mastered the subject of global warming, and his presentation of this issue to the people of the world in this film, and in countless live appearances, is a tour de force. The former Vice President has been all over this issue -- man-made climate change -- for thirty years, and his preparation for this campaign is evident in his polished script, supporting graphics, and delivery. This is a "must-see" movie. Informative. Powerful. Inspiring.

The contrast between this articulate and well-informed man and the boob in the White House is so stark that it is more depressing than the threat posed by global warming.

Even as I wonder how we could possibly have done so much to destroy the fragile ecosphere, I am even more befuddled by the leadership we have chosen and the complacency with which we accept their policies - from torture to war to rich-man tax breaks to global environmental neglect.

Is it possible that our stupidity will kill us off before the greenhouse gases have done their dirty work?


Paul said...

Hey Neil...I didn't know you were writing here. As usual, with vision and sense. I fear that this country will never face any of its inconvenient truths, and that every presidential election will be decided over manufactured issues like the constitutional admendment on gay marriage.

Neil said...

Hey Paul!

Thanks for stopping by - and for leaving a comment.

I think it is a problem -- if we cannot face a merely incovenient truth, what chance is there of our dealing with those truths that challenge us in more fundamental ways?

For instance, when the terrorists attack us again -- will we have the fortitude and wisdom to protect our civil liberties, or will we aquiesce to the imposition of a police-state?

We live in a time of inconvenience, to quote a dimly remembered song. And mostly, we organize our lives to avoid any interruptions of our affairs.

We place our trust in an erratic deity, and His beloved son in the Oval Office. Despite the fact that they conspired to bring us Katrina, we prefer to rely on them than to act on our own reason and capabilities.

We have better things to do. "Desperate Housewives" is on. And besides, we like our SUV's and our tax cuts.

Maybe, if we close our eyes and hope for the best, the storm will pass over us and everything will be just fine. Maybe the president will save our asses. Maybe god will point the next tsunami at Al Qaeda. Maybe we will be swept into heaven in one rapturous moment (and thereby evade what is left of the estate tax).

But I fear that our abdication as citizens will lead to very serious consequences in the years ahead.