Friday, June 23, 2006

Gore - Edwards in 2008

I know we need to take back the Congress in 2006, but my thought tonight are on the White House. And I am thinking about my dream ticket.

Al Gore for President; John Edwards for Vice President.

The Democrats have nobody with the qualifications of Al Gore. And John Edwards is already my candidate for 2016.

Hillary is worse than Kerry -- neither one could beat Osama bin Laden at the polls.

Gore may still be a twit -- but I am guessing he will be a much better candidate than he was when he defeated Bush at the polls in 2000.



Anonymous said...

What are your feelings on Russ Feingold? The more I see and hear of him the more respect I have for him. Amber

Neil said...

I have a high regard for Feingold. I am much more familiar with Gore, Edwards, Biden and Clinton, but Feingold makes a lot of sense to me.

I never thought much of Kerry and was surprised he did so well last time. I think Edwards could have beaten Bush had he been on top of that ticket.

Feingold and Barack Obama are two guys who seem to have a lot of potential -- but i know less about them than the other big names.