Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Lie!

My President gave a wonderful speech last night. So wonderful that it could not be marred even by the ugliness that we have come to associate with the Republicans since the fall presidential campaign and this summer's absurd town hall circuses.

A Congressman from South Carolina shouted an insult to the President, charging Mr Obama with lying. It would of course be no less offensive had the charge been made by a member of a party that had not already sold us the war in Iraq on the most dishonest and discredited terms, challenged the President's eligibility to serve in his office, and charged that he intended to pull the plug on America's elderly. But in this case, the charge is plainly ridiculous.

We have endured the dishonesty and belligerence of the Republicans for eight long, difficult and dishonorable years. It is time to move on. With or without these people, and we may well be better off without them, let us bring the change that America needs. Elections have consequences, I was told when we invaded Iraq. It is time that the last two elections began to make a difference in the lives of Americans.

I am proud of my President tonight.


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