Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Redemption Song

Odd what you can find on You Tube, isn't it?

There is something authentically Irish about the theme of this song. How many songs do the Irish sing about the struggle for freedom? Too many to count, I suppose.

And for those of us whose families made the journey to America in the 19th century, have not our ancestors hopes and dreams been redeemed? To celebrate St Patrick's Day in America is to celebrate those hopes, their dreams, and that redemption.

In a year of economic hardship for so many, it is good to recall that others with fewer resources and far greater troubles persevered and found redemption. It is also a good time to look upon our neighbors in this world and see our own refugee ancestors in their eyes, and hear our own songs in their music.

It is a great day to be Irish and American and to feel connected through that unique identity to all those who struggle in this world.

Have a wonderful and happy St Patrick's Day!


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