Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Littlest terrorist/socialist/whateverist

Found this picture at The New Republic and just had to post it here.

I just love this photo of our very scary Marxist-Muslim president-elect and his young accomplice in the conspiracy to redistribute white wealth to black people.

Their secret fist bump - notice how Obama crouches behind the car door to avoid the prying eyes of right-minded god-fearing white people - reveals their true identity as godless proponents of cloning, infanticide, sex education for kindergartners, an end to the moral crusade in Iraq, and - even worse - tax increases for the richest 5% of all Americans.

Recoil in horror if you must, but let this horrible image remind you of how much we lose as a nation when men of peace and goodwill like Bush and Cheney are not permitted to rule without regard to the Constitution or common notions of decency and human rights.

Yes, right-wing Americans and low-information voters everywhere, you are losing this election. Despite your maverick-and-mooseburger ticket, despite Joe the lipsticked plumber and Sarah the Neiman Marcus hockey mom, despite the brilliant economic policies of Bush and the marvelous war in Iraq - despite all the many wonders of the Christian Right's very own political party in power - you are going down, hard.

I am finding it SO hard to be sympathetic.

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