Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Insulting our intelligence...

Imagine anyone suggesting that some of us might be bitter about how screwed we are in Bush's America, and that some of the resentment of illegal immigrants might be related to that bitterness. Or that our insecurity might lead us to more fervent piety, or drive more extreme positions on social issues - like guns and gay marriage.

What elitist nonsense! Anyone who has ever listened to Rush Limbaugh knows that there is no connection between these conservative social policy positions and bitterness, let alone economic insecurity - right?

Sure - there have been some noteworthy examples in our history of conservatives placating poor white folks by playing on racial prejudices. And recently, we have seen how religious devotion can be manipulated for political purposes. We've seen an unpopular president, in a time of job losses and tax cuts for fatcats, respond by proposing a gay marriage amendment.

Is it all just my imagination, or do some politicians succeed by playing on our fears and prejudices, our insecurities and resentments? (Hint: Karl Rove)

I think Obama got it right, and some people are, of course, insulted.

But who insults their intelligence - and ours - more? Those that tell us the truth or those who hope to profit by denying and distorting the truth?

Don't let them get away with insulting our intelligence.

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Paul said...

Hey Neil...remember me? I'm still writing, at Brininess and Volubility.Blogspot.

I find it interesting but not surprising that we have followed almost precisely the same path during this campaign. Paul

Neil said...

Hey Paul! Thanks for leaving the name of your blog - I had lost track of you. The Belfast Cowboy - Single Man Writing trail went cold on me during an interlude of sorts. Just recently I was trying to look you up and assumed you had left this medium altogether.

Nice to hear from you, indeed. I hope you'll stay in touch!