Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Day After

Hillary and Barack played a tough game, and the outcome appears to be a draw. Obama won more states, but Hillary may edge him out in total delegates - still looking for those numbers.

The bad news: race, gender, and religion seem to matter to some Americans (not as much as some feared, but more than most of us wish). Latinos voted overwhelmingly for Hillary, as did white women and "working class" whites. African Americans rallied to Obama, and he did well among independents and white men. Can anyone really be surprised? This is a big, backward country and we still have some growing up to do.

The good news -- our two candidates are both very good, and we would do well with either of them in November.

Consider the plight of the Republicans. Huckabee won a few southern states, based entirely on the Evangelical vote. His campaign is now purely a religion-play - might work in Iran but we're not that bad here yet. Romney fizzled badly - I'm expecting him to drop out, but he might decide to waste a few more millions from his nest egg to continue what is now a deservedly lost cause. McCain is now the inevitable nominee - even as Ruch Limbaugh and Ann Coulter rip him on the right-wing media. The guy is very unpopular with so-called conservatives -- you know, people who like the Bush tax cuts, ANWR drilling, torture, persecution of gays, immigration vigilantes, unrestricted campaign funding, and other things McCain couldn't support. And he is almost certainly their nominee.

This morning, you have to be proud to be an American, hopeful about our future, and damn glad you are not a Republican. We are going to take back our country in November!

Here are Barack Obama's remarks from Chicago last night.


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