Friday, January 04, 2008

What's in it for us?

Just watching BET on cable -- they're promoting a program soon to be aired on that channel focusing on Barack Obama and the Black vote. Should be an interesting program, but I'm guessing it will make the candidate a little uncomfortable. Funny thing, race in America. A few weeks ago the majority of Black voters were supporting Hillary, and now those voters may be giving their allegiance a second thought. Who would have thought white Iowa could have made such a difference among African-American voters?

What's in it for us - the title of the BET program - is a fair question, I guess. I'm okay with it, though I see Obama's candidacy as having importance that transcends specific deliverables. A President Obama would take this nation much further than Frederick Douglas or Jackie Robinson could have imagined (though Dr. King surely had this very thing in mind when he spoke to the country of his dream).

I support John Edwards. I think he'll fight for things that matter to me, and I think he has forced Obama and Clinton to take positions closer to the lefty end of the Democratic party. Clinton will sell that agenda down the river, as did her husband. And Obama is a complete unknown -- I love his rhetoric and high-mindedness, but I don't know what he would be committed to achieving as President.

I guess I am asking the BET question, Mr Obama. Beyond the dream we share with Dr. King, what's in it for America?

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fdtate said...

I'm pulling for Edwards too. He seems to be the most progressive of the candidates that have a shot.