Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bring it on!

I'm feeling the urge to surge!

Let's not hold anything back - send 'em all. Let's borrow another $200 billion from the Chinese, and send every available soldier and marine to Iraq.

Let's face it, we are stuck in Iraq - the Democrats lack the balls to pull out. So why not go all in and put the McCain theory to the test? If we are staying, why not force the big lie into the light - where everyone can see. Why not completely discredit the GOP right wing forever?

In six months it will be obvious to everyone that this strategy of pouring more troops and dollars into Iraq is pointless. It will probably cost us 1,000 lives, another 10,000 seriously wounded, and $200 billion that our children will have to pay back. But it will put an end to the neocon fantasies and the McCainiac militarism. The failure of Bush / GOP policies will be seen clearly (again - remember Katrina?) by all Americans.

So far, we have let 3,000 Americans die in Iraq in the hopes of liberating the Iraqi people. The next thousand sacrificed there will achieve the liberation of the American people.

Bring it on.


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