Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lebanon still in the news

Calls for an Israeli cease-fire are all over the news. Mostly from people whose neighbors don't fire missiles at them. Do you think the Russians would sit impassively as Chechen terrorists attacked Moscow? We know the answer to that one. Would the French or Italians tolerate similar threats? Why should they?

Who can ask the Israelis to turn the other cheek and permit Hezbollah to continue to amass weapons and fortify positions in southern Lebanon, waiting like snakes to strike whenever it pleases?

Lebanese children and other non-combatants are dying. This is terrible, but how would you propose to clear out Hezbollah from Israel's border? Could you fight this war and guarantee the safety of civilians?

Of course not. Israeli children are expendable; Lebanese are not. I get it.

Here's a bulletin for you -- as long as Israel's neighbors support terrorism and deny Israel's right to exist, there will be war and lots of people, including old folks and children, will die.

As long as Muslims celebrate bin laden, Zarqawi, Ahmedinajad, Nasrullah, and similar thugs, bloodshed will be their reward.

Stop crying for Lebanon. I hope Israel crushes Hezbollah, no matter what the cost.

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