Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Any news from the nutmeg state?

Waiting to hear whether Lieberman has been excommunicated from the party. On the one hand, a party that has room for Al Sharpton should be able to house a Lieberman or two. A party that was happy to claim the loyalty of segregationists as long as they voted to sustain the New Deal ought to be able to accept a dissident view from Joe Lieberman without going into a panic.

On the other hand...

We have watched for five years as the New Deal was watered down, repealed, ignored, and replaced by the old deal - the one we last saw at the start of the last century - a deal that favored the filthy rich; that bent the machinery of government to meet the needs and desires of industrialists; that permitted abuses of labor, adulteration of food, privatization of public assets; degradation of the environment; and the imposition of white, nativist, Protestant Christian prejudices on the people of this nation.

Where was Joe Lieberman? Didn't he stand with Bush?

We have watched the nation ignore its war with Al Qaeda in order to launch a war against the people of Iraq -- justified to a gullible nation with a shell game of Chalabis, curveballs, 9/11 connections, and WMD smoking guns. We have seen that war take the lives of tens of thousands, and ruin the lives of millions. We have seen the nation's honor and treasury trashed in this war by a President whose negligence, ignorance, arrogance and blasphemous sense of mission led him to attack a nation that was no threat to us -- in the process alienating our friends, destroying our military, antagonizing 1.3 billion Muslims, and creating an Iraq that along with an emboldened Iran is indeed a security threat to keep us up at night.

Where was Joe Lieberman? Yes. With Bush all the way.

Compared to this record, Al Sharpton's looks statesmanlike.

I am waiting to hear from Connecticut.

I hope they throw the bum out. Count this Jersey boy for Ned Lamont.

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Paul said...

As much as I like to think of the Democratic Party being inclusive, there is no tent big enough to hold a member who sides withe the opposition on issues as crucial as terrorism and the Iraq war. I could overlook a few of his domestic stands, but his foreign policy stands place him outside even the most broad-based understanding of the party.

And when will Sharpton realize that his appearances on behalf of candidates can actually damage their chances?