Sunday, May 14, 2006

America Adrift

We are we heading now? With the President at 29%, and with nearly 3 years before another President will get his administration into its offices, are we adrift?

We have an economic policy that ignores huge deficits and adds to them by extending tax breaks for the richest Americans.

We have a foreign policy that has succeeded in alienating our allies, driving potential enemies to build nuclear weapons, enabling jihadists to recruit and train terrorists in Iraq and across the Middle East (indeed, across the planet). Our constitutional system of checks and balances has never been so threatened -- and the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, and Attorney General are all engaged in stretching the laws to the breaking point, and in the abrogation of treaty obligations and international conventions.

How will we turn this around?

While we dither, millions of Darfuri refugees wait in jeopardy of their very lives. While we float aimlessly, the people of Iraq, and our soldiers and marines there, sink into chaos and endless violence.

A phone call tonight -- someone asking for money to help elect Democrats to Congress -- and I wonder if I should send them anything. I am sick of the current bunch in Congress and in the Executive branch -- but what will the Democrats do if they win in November?

Will they end the war in Iraq? Will they stop Iran from building nukes? Will they raise taxes and balance the budget? Will they save Darfur from genocide? What will they do to defeat the jihadists?

What will they do?

Nobody knows.

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